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Rubin Spice Paprika Seeds Oil is ranked in top 11 Innovation at Dubai

Rubin Spice Paprika Seeds Oil is ranked in top 11 Innovation at Dubai

The product proved to be the only Hungarian of the Innovation Contest at the Gulfood International Food Show

Our product was awarded at the Gulfood International Food Exhibition’s Innovations Contest, in the Condiments Category. The Paprika seed oil was the only hungarian product in this contest, what was exhibited in the Discover Zone.

The Gulfood 2018 Food Exhibition was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, between 17th-21st of February, 2018. That was the first time for Rubin Szegedi Paprika Processing Ltd. to exhibited there. More than 5.000 exhibitors waited for the more than 100.000 visitors from 120 different countries of the world.

The Gulfood Innovation Awards was announced within the framework of this exhibition. The organizers received hundreds of applications in 10 categories. 11 prodcuts was choosen in every category by the professional jury. They chose the 4 best of the 11 products, the final winner came from that four products. The other 7 innovations was displayed in the seeded Discover Zone Innovation Area one by one for the visitors (with product and company name with stand number), and featured in the catalogue of the innovations and on the website of the Gulfood Exhibition.

The Rubin Spice Paprika Seed Oil sweet and hot version was selected in the category of Condiments among the other 7 innovations beyond the 4 best products. Thus representing Hungary as the only Hungarian product in the distinguished Discover Zone.

The Rubin Spice Paprika Seed Oil won the gold medal at the Innovation Award of Sirha Budapest Food HORECA Exhibition in Food and Beverages category. Now the recognition has become international, because Gulfood is much more bigger exhibition and we reached this reasult among many nominees. It is a special pleasure to acknowledge that a symbol of Hungarian traditions, spice paprika is recognized internationally.

Lajos Szokol, CEO, said: „We are proud of being a single Hungarian manufacturer with our product among the winners. Our work does not end there, of course, the development here can not stop because the ultimate goal, victory is still waiting for us.”

We are enthusiastic and trusted to introduce Spice Paprika Seed Oil into both Hungarian and foreign markets. Our goal is to expand our retailers to our webshop, to get more and more households to get this special product. Its success lies in being widely used, delicious and improving the quality of food. It can contributes to health in small amounts.

About Spice paprika seeds oil:

The Rubin Spice paprika seeds oil is produced without chemical or other refining process. Cold pressing and gravitational sedimentation are able to retain its valuable bioactive ingredients. The seed oil usable for roasting, cooking, marinating, salad dressing and every other meal, what you would like enrich with the taste and colour of the spice paprika.

The Spice Paprika Seeds Oil is rich in linoleic acid (omega-6), polyunsaturated fatty acids, source of Vitamin A and E. The oil has a high antioxidant level (γ-tokoferol) and contains carotenoids.

Linoleic acid contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. 10 g Rubin Spice Paprika seed oil covers the 70–74% of the suggested beneficial minimum daily intake.

The lutein and zeaxanthin content contributes to the health of the eyes and the protection of vision.

Its brilliant reddish color is derived from natural carotenoids, which is considerably higher than in a raw sunflower, palm kernel, olive and canola oils. A total of 31 carotenoids have been identified in spice paprika seeds oil, the main compounds are capsanthin, lutein, capsorubin and β-carotene.

The paprika seeds oil increase the gastronomy value of foods, due to colour and the mild aroma of the dried spice paprika. Its valuable nutritional and bioactive components contribute to a healthy diet.

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